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These things actually permeate your brain and plant little seeds that people then carry around with them and influence how they behave. And it’s so important to analyze this, especially when you have an audience of MILLIONS.

Here’s Why Racism’s Not “Just Comedy” - Chescaleigh

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The definition of insanity.  


In total, 6 of my drawings have been turned into t-shirts over at feministapparel, including this fluffy one!!  They are part of the Feminist Creatives collection!  

Artists: submit your designs!
Online shoppers/fashionistas: go buy some awesome/political/cute tops!

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"I’m trying to help my parents pay for college."

(Mexico City, Mexico)


Just spotted this illustration is out in the wild! Before I adventured off to Iceland, I got a nice little project from SooJin Buzelli to illustrate a piece for CIO for their feature on knowledge brokers. Lots of fun excuses to draw glowing pomegranates and get a little experimental with the marks.

Had a lot of fun with this one!

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Mike is a class act.


Crash Course Big History Intro

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All lost in a book.  Another image that will never make it into the mainstream media.

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